5 Dog Training Myths You Should Stop Believing Now

As dog owners, we continually research for information on the best way to care for our pets. We seek advice from veteran dog owners and veterinarians, read different books and watch different videos that we think can help us understand our dogs better.

When it comes to training dogs, for instance, you’ll hear all sorts of tips and tricks to make the process easier and faster. While some tips have been proven to work, others are just mere hearsay. Here are some training tips that I wish every dog owner would stop believing.


Yelping Will Make Your Puppy Stop Biting You

Maybe you’ve heard that when your puppy starts biting you, you should yelp to make him stop. Yelping may work on a few dogs, but in others it triggers excitement, making them bite you even harder. So, instead of yelping, try giving your puppy his favorite toy to bite in place of your arm or leg.

Playing Tug Of War Make Dogs Aggressive

There’s no truth in this popular myth. Tug of war is an awesome interactive game that allows you to spend quality time with your dog doing something both of you enjoy. Any time you play tug, the bond between you two grows stronger while he gets to burn excess calories in a fun and engaging way.
As long as your dog isn’t biting you and releases the toy the way he should, there’s nothing aggressive about this game. Consider letting him win a couple of times to make the game more enjoyable for him.

A Second Dog Is The Solution To Separation


Anxiety If your dog becomes anxious every time you leave his side, you may have heard that getting a second dog to keep him company will help solve his separation anxiety. This sounds like the right thing to do under the circumstance, but things don’t always work out this way.
If you bring a second dog into your home, it’s highly likely that the first dog will teach him that panicking when you leave is normal. So, you’ll end up with two dogs with separation anxiety to
deal with. Because of this, it’s much better to seek help from a professional dog behaviorist or trainer to help you deal with this complex issue first before bringing in another dog.

Becoming A Tree (Standing Still) Will Stop Your Dog From Pulling On A Leash

From my personal experience, the tree advice only works on puppies who don’t know that pulling makes them move forward. However, it doesn’t work with adult dogs that have been taken out for a walk, especially when they were pulling you. Therefore, if your dog usually pulls while on a leash, try using something that has been proven to work – a front clip harness.

Comforting a Scared Dog Reinforces Fear

This is another ridiculous advice or myth that you should stop believing. It’s very okay to comfort your pet when he’s scared of something. It’s the best way to help him understand that nothing bad actually happens during the trigger (whatever makes him scared). If you ignore your scared dog to toughen him up, the problem will only get worse.

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These are some false dog training myths that are being spread around. They don’t work, so don’t waste your time trying them out.

Source: https://www.art-dogs.com/.