Important Characteristics Of The Carpathian Shepherd Dogs You Should Know

The Carpathian Shepherd dog is a big, beautiful, and rustic-looking guard dog that resembles a wolf. It originates from the Carpathian Mountains in Romania where it’s very popular among shepherds and dog lovers. It has been used for centuries to guard the flock from predators such as bears, wolves and lynxes. Because it was bred to protect livestock, this dog is very courageous and devoted to its family. It is great for people who want a brave, outside country dog that requires very little grooming. Continue reading to learn more about this shepherd dog.

Body Type

The Carpathian Shepherd dog has a large and rectangular body type that’s slightly inclined, with a wide chest that is very well developed. The shape of the head is similar to that of a wolf. It has a broad forehead that is slightly curved, and a skull that is wider between the ears. The dog’s nose is big, broad and black in color. It has a strong muzzle that is shorter or equal in length as its skull.

The dog’s lips are very well outlined, thick and strongly pigmented. The eyes are dark brown and almond-shaped. The tail is long and covered with abundant hair. The dog will always hold its tail high when alert. However, when it’s resting, the tail is carried straight, or hanged down.


This dog breed has a double coat to protect it outdoors. The outer coat is abundant, rough and straight, while the inner coat is soft and dense. Except for the front part of the limbs and head that have a short and flat coat, the rest of this dog’s body is covered with abundant, medium-length coat. On the neck, tail and back of the limbs, however, you will find that the coat is longer.

Coat Color

The breed’s coat colors are mostly black (wolf-grey) with varying tones. The lateral parts are often lighter, while the upper part is darker in color.

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Because of being bred as a watchdog, this dog is very brave when it comes to protecting its master and flocks. It’s usually very devoted to its master, calm, dignified and stable. It is very friendly to its family, and can never turn against people he is close to. However, this breed is prone to nipping and growling at strangers, hence it’s important to train it as a puppy to get used to other animals and people.


You should brush its coat every now and then to remove any dead fur. Regular brushing is especially necessary during shedding periods. Since this is an outdoor breed that loves roaming on its own, it is important that you give him a bath at least once a month to keep him clean and healthy.


With regards to health, these dogs have no major health problems and can live up to fifteen years with an active lifestyle and a nourishing diet.

Overall, Carpathian Shepherd dogs are lovely, brave country dogs that are very loyal when it comes to protecting their owner and flock.